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The best sci-fi books that describe how robots really work

Five scifi (and literary fiction) books that describe how robots (and people interacting with robots) really work while telling a great story. The list, which has mini-reviews, was prepared as part of the website, where authors are invited to recommend 5 books around a theme. The Shepherd site is fascinating, I highly recommend it, and I've already found several books to read that I would not have stumbled across any other way-- plus it is fascinating to read why an author recommends each book. I was approached because of Robotics Through Science Fiction. and it was a no-brainer to pull together my favorites, though it was a bit hard to limit it to just five.

I hope you'll head over to the site to see my mini-reviews but as a teaser, there's the hard science of Rendezvous With Rama and Kill Decision, the literary fiction of social impacts covered by Little Eyes and The Warehouse, plus the laugh-out-loud "yeah, that's probably exactly what would happen in real life" of Head On.

Please check it out and enjoy!


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