Robotics through science fiction

Six classic science fiction stories serve as a fun, non-technical introduction to robotics for anyone who is interested in AI. Each story illustrates a key principle of how real robots are currently programmed.

Publisher: The MIT Press

Author: Dr. Robin R. Murphy

"The heart of science fiction beats behind every scientific advance, and Robotics Through Science Fiction expertly harnesses the thrilling concepts behind classic sci-fi stories to slingshot the reader through areas of fascinating real-world research. It's a wonderful, awe-inspiring combination of fact and fiction."

Daniel H. Wilson, New York Times Bestselling author of Robopocalypse

Introduction to AI Robotics (second edition)

A comprehensive survey of artificial intelligence algorithms, programming organization, autonomy, and human-robot interaction for intelligent robot systems, combining theoretical rigor and practical applications at the level of a college senior in engineering. No background in AI is needed. The second edition is a major revision covering the exciting developments of the past 15 years.

Part 1: Framework for Thinking About AI and Robotics 

1 What Are Intelligent Robots?

2 A Brief History of AI Robotics

3 Automation and Autonomy

4 Software Organization of Autonomy 

5 Telesystems


Part 2: Reactive Functionality

6 Behaviors 

7 Perception and Behaviors 

8 Behavioral Coordination 

9 Locomotion

10 Sensors and Sensing 

11 Range Sensing 


Part 3: Deliberative Functionality

12 Deliberation 

13 Navigation 

14 Metric Path Planning and Motion Planning

15 Localization, Mapping, and Exploration

16 Learning 

Part 4:  Interactive Functionality 

17 Multi-Robot Systems

18 Human-Robot Interaction

Part 5: Design and the Ethics of Building Intelligent Robots 

19 Designing and Evaluating Autonomous Systems

20 Ethics 

Publisher: The MIT Press

Author: Dr. Robin R. Murphy