September 24, 2018

Recommendation: Watch it for the art school visuals but turn the sound off and make up your own version of what’s going on—your plot will be better and more interesting.

Automata is the 2014 movie by Spanish director and auteur Gabe Ibáñez.  Antonio Banderas is NOT the...

August 31, 2018

Recommendation: If you liked C.S. Lewis’ Christian essays more than his Narnia series, Project Pope should be close enough to heaven. 

Robots: Humanoids

Clifford D. Simak, the third writer to receive the lifetime achievement Grand Master of science fiction title (He...

August 27, 2018

Recommendation: Find a quiet spot so that you can read this deceptively simple story and pick up the pieces of your head after it explodes.  

Robots: humanoid 

Mike Resnick’s 2008 short story Articles of Faith tackles religion head on, posing that robots can be a pu...

August 23, 2018

Recommendation: Enjoy this 2018 Hugo Award winning Novelette and think about how wonderful life will be when robots can reason like Robot 9

Robots: miniature insect-like robots

The Secret Life of Botsis a clever space opera where the little robot saves the ship. And Eart...

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