June 4, 2019

Science fiction has generally ignored the science behind computer vision and its use of neural networks for machine learning. Robot vision, like robot intelligence, simply existed in stories; it did not have to be explained...

Read the article here...  http://robot...

May 22, 2019

The first science fiction story about computer vision appears to be Jack Williamson’s 1931 short story The Doom from Planet 4. That story featured alien robots who are noteworthy for their camera eyes that actively tracked the movements of an island’s two inhabitants (...

April 20, 2019

Kill Decision, is the 2012 bestseller by Daniel Suarez, It is a fast, fun, and accurate introduction to robot swarms that also covers the ethics of lethal autonomous weapons. 

Most non-roboticists think of swarms as just lots and lots of robots, what we call more precis...

October 23, 2018

Recommendation: If you have a low tolerance for GameLit, you may want to skip this book-- but you’d be missing a smorgasbord of interesting ideas about AI and robotics and the opportunity to learn about computer vision.

The Robots of Gotham is a highly rated GameLit adv...

July 12, 2018

Robots: Humanoid

What it gets right about robotics: the complexities of computer vision and natural language communication.

Recommended reading: don’t let the reviews about robot sex make you think this is a fembot soft porn novel; it’s a thoughtful book about humans and...

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