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Evolved by N.R. Walker is sort of a same sex Fifty Shades of Gray story of an android who, through the love of a good man, becomes truly human. It’s a version of the Turing Test where being able to initiate sex is the sign of a robot that has evolved into an AGI. There’s a lot of love. And a LOT of description of that love. In between descriptions of M/M lovin’, there are some interesting and realistic ideas about androids, especially sexbots.

In the book, sexbots are semi-sentient in order to be realistic, but are protected by laws from abuse and have an internal emergency call number. Dr. Aimee van Wynsberghe at the Foundation for Responsible Robotics would be proud! (Of the laws.)

Another nice aspect is that the book acknowledges that the same general intelligence needed to make a genial companion and sex partner is the same general intelligence that could be used for the military (though presumably without the sex). There’s also a big shout out to PKD and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? If you liked Fifty Shades of Gray or Showtime After Hours, this could be your go-to book.

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