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Robotics Through Science Fiction Webinar

Looking for ways to keep the teens learning? Or ways to productively pass the time? Robotics Through Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence Explained Through Six Classic Robot Stories combines reading, literature, and science in one complete package.

To help reinforce the educational opportunity, we are offering two 1-hour video streaming Q&A sessions on April 1st for those who have read the book and have questions.

In each session, Dr. Murphy will be online to answer questions and discuss the material. This is not a Ask Me Anything event but rather a recitation session focused on the content in the book. The 11AM central session will focus on hard science questions and 7PM will be for general discussion of the stories.

The sessions are limited to 20 participants so that everyone will have a chance to ask specific questions about the material covered in the book. If the sessions fill up quickly, more sessions will be offered and depending on the questions, we may go to a “one chapter, one session” format.

Note: the sessions will be recorded only for internal use by Dr. Murphy in preparing follow up material.

Register for free tickets here:

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