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Revenant Gun

Revenant Gun is the final installment of the Machineries of Empire series by Yoon Ha Lee covering a 1,000 years of war and resurrecting the same wildcard general/assassin/misunderstood hero. The twist is two fighting factions have both resurrected Jadao. Like Raven Stratagem before it, Revenant Gun is up for a 2019 Hugo for best novel. One of the characters in the book is a robot servitor, Hemiole, but in terms of the story, it could be replaced with a human servant trying to figure out what was going on. There’s no real insights into robots, except that everyone in the Empire keeps forgetting that the servitors are intelligent and can talk to each other, despite the robots enabling the collapse of the Empire in Raven Stratagem. Hmm, that may be more an insight into people, not robots.

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