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Holiday Gift Giving

It’s the holidays! A time to connect with family, with our religious foundations, with our spiritual aspirations for peace, love, and goodwill on Earth. And gift giving. Because all that peace, love, and goodwill stuff goes out the door if you don’t show up with gifts! Hmm, maybe we should see about getting one of these robot mules from the US military to carry all the gifts

So to help out, we’ve put together two different lists of possible gifts: our Top 10 Robot SciFi Books that are both fun to read and have teachable moments and Six Serious Robot Books that are scientifically accurate and readable. The Top 10 list is organized around whether your reader is a zombie fan, videogamer, Young Adult, liberal arts major, jaded scifi reader, likes police procedurals, or just wants a little humor in their lives. The Serious Robot books are rated in terms of the audience: Junior High STEM students, STEM teachers, high school and college students, Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis fans, and hard core scifi aficionados. And don’t forget the book that is on both lists: Robotics Through Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence Explained Through Six Classic Robot Stories

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