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Flash Reviews Week

Not every robot story or movie has a teachable moment. Remember Freud’s supposed quip "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”? Sometimes a robot book is just a book. Every day this week we’ll be posting a flash review of a recent book, movie, or story that normally wouldn’t be reviewed because it either has a weak (or non-existent) science narrative or the robot is interesting, but incidental. For example, you may want to skip Robogenesis, the sequel to the highly accurate Robopocalypse, because the science falls apart. But you may want to read the madcap Starship Grifters, which has the scientific accuracy of a Tyler Perry Madea movie, to get a humor fix while waiting for another installment of the MurderBot Diaries (see reviews for All Systems Red and Artificial Condition here). And grab an umbrella drink and your camera to document your reading for our Summer Reading contest.

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