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Kids Movie Week

The kids are out of school and the days are long and hot, so it’s the perfect time to pop in a movie and stay up a wee bit late. This week we will explore G or PG rate robot movies that the little ones might enjoy as well as the parents. We will begin the week with a review of Short Circuit. Remember how Ready Player One made the 80’s cool? Well Short Circuit was possibly the best loved robot movie of the 80’s, so it should be doubly cool, right? Or, gulp, it is one of those movies that we remember being better than it was? Read the review to find out! Later in the week we will feature some great kids robot movies including WALL-E, Big Hero 6, The Iron Giant, an adaptation of Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams, and Steven Spielberg’s first robot movie, Batteries Not Included. We’ll also try to steer you from awful movies like Robosapien and movies like Robots that is as realistic a portrayal of real robots as Sing! Was of animal husbandry.

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