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Light Summer Reading Week

Summer is upon us and swimming pools are open! And swimming pools mean lounging by the swimming pool with umbrella drinks. And lounging by the swimming pool with umbrella drinks means light reading - books that are funny and mellow and uncomplicated. This week RTSF will focus on books that go perfectly with umbrella drinks by the pool. Certainly, previously reviewed books, such as the Nebula Winning All Systems Red and the The Wrong Unit fall in this category. This week we will expand the list of humorous robotics books, starting with the review of the ROFL The Automatic Detective and later in the week John Scalzi’s droll Lock in and Head On. And don’t worry about losing your intellectual edge - funny sci-fi often has wonderful teachable moments, so be on the lookout for links to the science of dexterous manipulation, telepresence, mediated embodiment, and the pervasive Uncanny Valley. Don’t forget to sign up for the RTSF newsletter with bonus material!

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