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Robot Uprising Week

HBO’s Westworld series resumes in the US this week, having ended the first season with a robot rebellion. This week RTSF will keep the revolution going, starting with a review of C. Robert Cargill’s wonderful Sea of Rust (below), which explores what happens if the robots win but it doesn’t turn out like they had planned. Throughout the week, we’ll be tweeting about movies and books that fall into one of Robin’s Taxonomy of Robot Uprising Plots. There’s the ever popular Resisting or Preventing the Robot Uprising (or Just Watching and Wondering What the Hell is Happening), which is was badly done in Humans, Bow Down (see my review here) and done well in Robopocalypse by one of my favorite authors Dr. Daniel Wilson (yes, it’s “Dr.”-- he has a Ph.D. in robotics!). A less common category of plots is Leading the Robot Uprising, with The Alchemy Wars (see my review here) as an example. It is a tale of a justified robot uprising told from the robot’s point of view. The third category is the We Won, Now What? plot line. Which brings us back to Westworld. So what ARE those robots going to do now?

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