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Print to Movie Week Begins!

For every successful adaptation of a book, short story, or comic book, like Blade Runner from Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (which you can check out my review of here) or The Day The Earth Stood Still from Farewell to the Master (again, see my review here), there’s one that totally changes up the story or is a complete botch. Or both- in the case of 2004 The Stepford Wives reboot. I, Robot is entertaining with the ever-watchable Will Smith but deviates so far from the characters and story lines in Asimov's I, Robot stories as to be painful. Spielberg’s 2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence overwhelms the emotional impact (and accuracy) of Brian Aldiss' brilliant short story Supertoys Last All Summer (Note: I cover Supertoys Last All Summer in Robotics Through Science Fiction: Artificial Intelligence Explained Through Six Classic Robot Short Stories, due out fall 2018). This week will focus on books and stories that made it, or almost made it, to the silver screen. We will start the week with a review of A.I. Artificial Intelligence, trying to focus on how it illustrates the strong AI hypothesis and ignoring how it gets pretty much everything else about AI and robotics wrong. I’ll also be posting my five favorite adaptations of Sci-Fi robot books.

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