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Celebrity Week Gets Underway!

The Terminator changed Arnold's B-movie (think Conan the Barbarian) onto a trajectory that would lead all the way to being the Governator of California. This week is dedicated to famous people who you might never guess (and who probably want you to forget) that have been in a robot movie! Follow us as we uncover a Knight of the British Empire, a famous rock musician, and numerous Oscar and Tony award winners. We will kick the week off with a review of Robot Overlords, the movie that asks the question “did Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson really need the money that bad or did they just want to be in a movie for their kids or grandkids?” (It actually has teachable moments about the Uncanny Valley.) But it’s not just famous people in movies, we will also check out real robots and researchers who have appeared in films.


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