Rex Nihilo series: Are Governors on Autonomy and Bounded Rationality a Scam?

Robert Kroese’s Rex Nihilo series is an over-the-top comedy featuring a dim-witted galactic con man, Rex Nihilo, and his faithful, put upon robot Sasha as they go from one misadventure to the other. The story is told from the point of view of Sasha, Self-Arresting near-Sentient Heuristic Android- yes, it should be Sansha but her name is just one of Sasha’s curses in life. She is super intelligent, so the robot designers inserted a governor that causes her to reboot if she has an original thought- hence the “self-arresting” and "near sentient” in her name. She hilariously faints anytime she has a thought that could save the day from whatever trouble Rex has gotten them into.